Shark RVAC


Brief Introduction
Fashionable appearance; high quality material; compact structure; thinner than thinner; branch-proof design; three-side air outlet; LED lighting; smart WiFi; 37dB low noise; low standby power; eco-friendly refrigerant R410a; multiple protections; more reliable; iron case for safer protection.

Product Information
Fashionable appearance as the design inspiration for Gree RVAC comes from sharks. Dorsal fin of the shark has balancing function, so we adopt the curve of shark back for the appearance design of Gree RVAC.
High-quality material.
Compact structure.
Thinner than thinner.
Branch-proof design.
Noise as low as 18dB.
LED lighting.
Eco-friendly refrigerant R410a.
Iron case, safer protection.


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